Olokun Ileke


Handmade item
Materials: Glass
Chain style: Bead

The guardian of the deepest depths of the sea, Olokun is the owner of the oceans and all of the riches that they possess. The deep sea is his kingdom and he resides there happily. This deep blue ide is for Olokun. This ide is a custom order that includes deep blue beads, Nigerian coral, brass, and a cowrie shell. This ide has great wealth and prosperity with the protection and healing energy of Olokun.

The colors bring the energy with blue – depth, wisdom, peace and faith; white – purity, goodness, safety, and light; the brass brings positive energy and courage; Nigerian coral that brings the energy of wisdom, happiness and vitalizing life energy; and cowrie shell brings wealth and a strong connection to the ocean.

This handmade ileke/necklace is a great item for all occasions. It will look stunning on you!

There is a one week turnaround on this item including weekends. We can customize any ileke/necklace. Please measure the length you want it and let us know!

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